Sounds  | an art of sound made by musicians or non-musician artists  | rogue sounds | postmodern sounds played for coterie audiences (or none at all)


Randy Porter’s music classes at Chabot, Montclair, and Thornhill elementary schools in Oakland, California These 4th, 5th, and 6th graders not only learn how to work their chosen instruments, but with as little as a couple months of experience under their belts, they are encouraged to improvise and compose.



The Cage


Sounds with stones, dry leaves and video edits. Stones at Lake Superior 2009. The drum was added as an after-thought. –G.S.


Two young sound-makers from France, I like their enthusiasm.



Doug and student


The following trio music was recorded on cassette tape. It was broadcast on national radio out of a Chicago club known as  Rick’s Café Americain in 1983

me with –Rich Corpolongo, reeds, Maestro Echoplex — Doug Lofstrom, bass

interview w/ Linda Prince

bells energy

Maestro Echoplex

Back in the day, before digital looping, the Echoplex was used in recording studios and mainly by guitar players as a tape driven vacuum tube machine for looping sound. Few musicians were able to integrate the Echoplex in live improvised performance as an instrument in its own right. Although used by Miles Davis,  Don Ellis and others, Corpolongo pioneered the potential of the Echoplex in spontaneous composition while seamlessly combining his jazz and classical roots with adventurous sensitivity. — gs 2011


(with jack Wright & Nick Sondy — Short oblongata)

Check the album here: Close Fit