In Alphabetical order: Some of my influences and people I know (if you are not on this list, consider yourself in)


Jim Baker (musician), Rich Corpolongo (musician), Bob Falesch (musician), Frank Figora (musician), Carol Genetti (vocalist) Allan Koskela (fine artist), Eric Leonardson (musician), Doug Lofstrom (musician), Dave Markson (fine artist), Bob Marsh (musician), Apostol Micheals (fine artist), Hal Russell (musician) Nick Sondy (musician), Duke Stack (fine artist), Sue Wolf (musician), Jack Wright (adventurous reed-man)

Influences and people have known and/or performed with inside the jazz idiom


Robert Barry, Dick Borden, Wilbur Campbell, Pete Castronova, Sam Cohen, Frank Figora, John Fiscone, Mike Gallichio, Harry Hawthorne (my early teacher), Dom Jaconetti, Rusty Jones, Mike Linn, Danny Martin, Terry McCurdy, Al Nutting, Hal Russell, Mickey Simonetta (teacher) and every beautiful drummer I’ve ever listened to especially (The originals) Max Roach, Philly Jo Jones, Kenny Clarke, Art Blakey, Elvin Jones, etc., etc.


Rich Armandi, John Bany, Ron Brown, Skip Crumbe-Bay, Dan DeLorenzo, Al Erich, Clyde Flowers, Leroy Jackson, Don Jones, Thomas Kini, Doug Lofstrom, Ernest Outlaw, Richie Pardo, Derrick Polk, Nick Schnieder, Dan Shapera, Kelly Sill, Ivan Smalley, Boris Smith, Victor Sproles, Mike Staron, Eddie Stemper, Bob Stoltenburg, Bill Terry, Nick Tountas, Bill Yancy and many-many more


Jodie Christian, Willie Coleman, Eddie Baker, Warren Dennis, Bob Dogan, Gene Esposito, Larry Harris, Jack Hubal, Joe Iaco, Eric Kaiser, Stu Katz, Rick Langlois, Larry Luchowski, Larry Novak, Richie Pardo, Bill Petan, Tommy Ponce, Judy Roberts, Peter Saxe, Dave Turner, John Young


Dave Bany, Bob Minchin, Jim Mullerheim, Bobby Roberts, Bill Witz


Jim Cooper, Stu Katz, Carl Leukaufe

Reed Musicians

Jack Baron, Tommy Bennett, Bob Centano, Haig Chitjian, Rich Corpolongo, Joe Daly, Mike Finerty, Dom Fogia, Joe Friedland, Lin Halliday, Edward Peterson, Tommy Ponce, Ahmad Sahaladeen, Freddie Schwartz, Ira Sullivan

Brass Muscians

George Bean, Billy Brimfield, Art Davis, Jim Knapp, Brian Lynch, Bobby Ojeda, Russ Phillips, Tommy Ponce, Kevin Quail, Ira Sullivan, Bobby Sutherland, Billy Wiser


Jeannie Lambert, Linda Ponce, Judy Roberts

Influences in experimental film

Jordan Belson, Stan Brakhage, Abigail Child, Bruce Conner, Maya Daren, Ed Emshwiller, Will Hindle, Jonas Mekas, Gunvor Nelson, Robert Nelson, James Whitney and many others.


One response to “Influences

  1. I consider myself honored being mentioned in that company.

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