jazz facts

Jazz is a trademarked brand of apples that are being grown under license in New Zealand, UK, Washington (U.S. state), Australia, France, Chile, Italy, Switzerland and Austria. And Jazz is a basketball franchise, which began in New Orleans and is now franchised in Utah. The Jazz computer architecture was a motherboard and chipset design originally developed by Microsoft for use in developing Windows NT. Other Jazz brands include: Jazz dance. Jazz ballpoint pens. Jazz nail polish. Jazz hair dye. Jazz Car Wash. Jazz Aviation. Jazz wrestler. Jazz pets. Jazz Honda. Jazz rugs. Jazz dresses. Jazz shoes. Jazz Baby Barbie Doll. Jazz camera. Jazz cheesecakes. Jazz lamps. Jazz mirrors. Jazz underwear. Jazz cigars. Jazz carto pipe. The list goes on, but the honors go to the creators of the, no less, Jazz toilet.

Brands have been describe as a promise: a promise of what awaits the customer if they buy that particular product.


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