blah blah 2013 fun

Today is the end of the calendar year 2013. No matter, the universe is changing with time. It is expanding and accelerating, yah, what do I know about science? I sit here looking at a blank page. I’m thinking—Does the world need more words? Do I? If so, what then of significance happened to me in 2013? The April 2013 flood was a drag, the basement flooded, everyday troubles crop up and I get grumpy, but what is truly significant for me is a three-letter-word, namely, f u n.

  1. Playing with my one year old grandson is, in a word, fun.

  2. June 2013 Nick Thomas became my new son-in-law and that’s fun.

  3. Spent the holidays with my people and that’s fun.

If I’ve learned anything over the years it is that fun is not a waste of time. I also learned by reading about animation history that Walt Disney grew up seven blocks from the house I grew up in and that fact somehow comforts me. Mr. Disney was, for my generation and for many others, the king of fun. Amazingly, after asking my seven year old granddaughter if she liked Donald Duck, she said she didn’t know about the famous Duck. Wow, that surprised me, no one, not even Walt Disney can harness time. So the new crop of kids are into digital toons and the old times of fun are changing. But fun itself I personally think of as something that is timeless, because that’s how it feels. Fun is liberating. Work is fun. Time flies by or stands still when having fun. Don’t you feel it that way? Maybe it is a kind of absorption that eliminates thinking in terms of clock time and schedules. Whatever it is, time perception matters. Every drummer knows that, or should know it. It is a simple thing in terms of patterns. Beats are duple and triple, but the drummer’s perception of time makes the difference. If you watch Brian Blade drumming you’ll see a musician blissfully deep in the joy of his art. He is  so obviously having fun. There is depth and elasticity of time in his playing. Blade and other creative drummers are linked to the past while expanding and changing their universe. The new thing can’t be stopped by moldy-figs and the tea-party loyalists with their rock logic mentality. Touché !


One response to “blah blah 2013 fun

  1. That’s the whole of it in the so called nutshell !!!

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