A fan letter

A fan letter

I don’t get many of these, nice to know this music has enthusiastic listeners.

Hi Grant, I loved your playing last night at Hungry Brain, look forward to catching you live again. You were nice enough to speak to me after the performance and made a funny comment, “and I played like that without being high”. I’m trying to find some books to read about the type of music you guys play, I love it so much and find it incredibly deep and moving, to me its the best art on earth. I was wondering if you could suggest any books to me. I’m reading John Litweiler’s The Freedom Principle right now, which I am enjoying, but I’m in search of an angle that discusses the art side and importance of this music, the revelatory aspect, anything that delves into the poetry of the sound. Also, why I have your attention, what was the last name of the woman vocalist who played with you?, I found her incredibly compelling and creative, and would like to hear her live again as well. I really hope to hear you live soon again in Chicago. I may have not been listening to this music for long (maybe less than a year), but it really resonates with me and I am continually amazed by its depth and beauty. Thank you so much for your contributions to this art form, you have no idea how much I love it. All the best to you and keep up the good work, and if you have time to suggest any further reading or players who you think I should know, you mentioned several I am not aware of, I know the Chicago scene and a few others, who have come to town, like Jack Wright, but am quite curious to hear more. take care, Steve


One response to “A fan letter

  1. Great words.
    It is difficult and strange to put into words those abstract notions that elude being put into words.

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